A Comprehensive Dental Center

We ensure a different kind of patient experience. We believe it should be better. A center for comprehensive dentistry – focusing on all facets of oral care including implants, cosmetic, general and orthodontic care. We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary approach, our mastery in dental architecture and our passion for people. In our own patients words it is “Excellence in Continuity of Care!”

Delivering Advanced Personal Dental Care

No matter how frequently you brush your teeth, it is still important to visit your dentist at least twice a year. If you are someone who is looking for a better dental experience from a dentist in Houston, you may want to check out our practice. At Dentiq Dentistry, we deliver comprehensive, personal dental care in the convenience of one location. We strive to give our patients a truly unique experience by providing all of their dental needs including preventative care, implant dentistry, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, full mouth restorations, as well as imaging needs and laboratory work. Our office houses some of the most cutting-edge equipment in dental technology as well as the brightest dental practitioners in the country. We ensure a different kind of patient experience and we believe it should be better.