Family Dentistry

by | Feb 16, 2018 |

Serving All of Your Dental Needs Under One Roof

At Dentiq Dentistry, we understand that you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to run from one dental office to another to ensure all of your family receives proper care. Because of this, we have created a dental practice where our Houston family dentists are able to serve all of your needs in one place. Our family dentists and hygienists are experienced with patients as young as 6 months and with and work closely with local pediatric dental groups to create a smooth transition for children once they get their adult dentition. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive dental services and compassionate dental care.

Our family dental services include:

Creating a Foundation of Good Dental Health

It has been proven that starting a child’s dental visits early on helps them to maintain good oral health. While we don’t offer pediatric dentistry, we are happy to recommend several excellent dental groups in the area. Together, we can help address your child’s dental health from a young age through their teenage and adult years. Once their full adult teeth come in, it is important that you establish periodic cleanings and examinations, as well as healthy dental hygiene in your home. Our Houston family dentists and dental team can step in at that time to provide the thorough, personalized care you and your teenager(s) deserve.

Building Healthy Oral Habits That Last

One of the more important steps of our dental care that is often forgotten is caring for teeth and gums. While it is important for you and your family to come in for regular examinations and cleanings, you will be responsible for keeping your mouth happy and healthy year-round. By demonstrating the right way to floss and brush, we can help equip you to maintain your dental health between regular dental visits with our team.

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