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The Right Choice for Better Oral Health

Dentiq Dentistry knows that a smile can communicate more than any other language in the world, and we are proud to be in the business of enhancing and restoring the natural smile of each of our patients in Houston and the surrounding areas. From general oral care to orthodontics proceduresdental implants, and cosmetic dentistry, our dental practice can provide for all your dental needs.

We believe that it is in the best interest of our patients to have their dental treatment plans completed in one location. Our Houston dentists and specialists are some of the most talented dental professionals in the industry so you can rest assured that you get only the highest standard in dental services.

Utilizing the Most Advanced Technology in Dentistry

Our modern facility and dental philosophy are fueled by a desire to take full advantage of the advanced technology the dental field has to offer. This allows us to create a more comprehensive treatment plan with images that help educate our patients better and get them more involved in their oral care. In turn, our patients are able to receive early treatments that are generally less extensive and less costly. Whether your dental needs involve preventive care, orthodontic or tooth replacement, trust our Houston dentists at Dentiq Dentistry to help you achieve the most radiant and healthiest smile possible.

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