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Replace Missing Teeth Permanently

The loss of teeth has a profound effect on your quality of life. Whether missing teeth in the front or back of your mouth, your ability to speak, eat and smile with confidence suffers, often leaving you with other oral, systemic, and emotional concerns to endure. However, Dentiq Dentistry offers effective, innovative tooth replacement solutions with teeth implants that can begin to improve your quality of life the very same day as treatment.

Teeth-in-a-Day™ Delivers Immediate Results

Suffering the consequences of multiple missing teeth ends the same day you receive Teeth-in-a-Day™ dental implants. Even if you have damaged or lose teeth that require extraction, you may be a candidate for this innovative tooth replacement method. Teeth-in-a-Day™ restores appearance and function your smile, replacing a full arch of missing teeth with teeth implants and a prosthetic ready for immediate use.

Teeth-in-a-Day™ vs. Traditional Options

When it comes to replacing hopeless or missing teeth, no other solution compares to that of dental implants. Our Houston teeth implants offer permanent, stable replacement of missing teeth unmatched by traditional solutions.

Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day™ immediate tooth replacement over traditional dentures include:

  • Integrated into bone tissue for solid support
  • Preserves jaw bone health around implant sites
  • No slipping, movement or embarrassing noises
  • Eliminates the need for denture pastes and adhesives
  • Minimizes the need for appliance replacement
  • Enables enjoyment of favorite foods
  • Helps maintain facial structures and contours

A healthy, complete smile is yours to enjoy with teeth-in-a-day™

Replacing multiple missing teeth through our innovative Teeth-in-a-Day™ method begins with a thorough evaluation and planning stage utilizing our advanced cone beam imaging technology. Your treatment phase will encompass the strategic placement of your teeth implants within your jaw bone and attachment of a fully functional, natural-looking prosthetic–all within the same day.

Once the implants have fully integrated with surrounding bone tissue, after a period of about three to four months, your permanent appliance will be securely attached, leaving you with a lasting, radiant smile.

The Ideal Candidate for Teeth-in-a-Day™

Teeth-in-a-Day™ is an advanced dental implant option that has helped millions of individuals worldwide lead healthier, more confident lives.

Ideal candidates for this teeth implants solution include those who:

  • Require replacement of multiple missing teeth
  • Have an immediate need for full arch tooth replacement
  • Seek tooth replacement designed for immediate use
  • Have sufficient bone quality and quantity
  • Are free of oral disease
  • Have favorable systemic health

Dr. Shreed Sista, our Houston dental implant specialist, has performed thousands of implant procedures and is honored to create brilliant smiles for patients with varying tooth replacement needs.

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